Miyagi & Andy Panda – European Tour 2021

Tickets wählenWarsaw Warsaw 01.10.21, Entry Start: 17:00 / Line up(DJ): 18:30 / Concert: 20:00-22:00 34,50 45,00 
Tickets wählenLondon London 26.11.21, Entry: 20:00 73,50 

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Tickets wählenVienna Vienna 30.10.21, Einlass: 20:00 / Line up(DJ) Beginn: 21:30
Tickets wählenBerlin Berlin 06.03.20 Einlass: 20:00 / Line up(DJ) Beginn: 21:30 44,50 79,50 

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Tickets wählenPrague Prague 07.03.20, Einlass: 20:00 / Line up(DJ) Beginn: 21:30 35,00 59,50 

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Miyagi&Andy Panda – European Tour 2021!

Myagi&Andy Panda are currently gearing up for their new tour in June and October 2021 across Europe, where they plan to make stops in Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Warsaw!
Sometimes the stars light up where no one expects them – this is the story that happened in Vladikavkaz in 2016, when two young performers, Azamat Kudzayev and Soslan Burnatsev, better known as Miyagi&Andy Panda, made a real revolution in the Russian rap and have created their own success history.

Winners of platinum awards, Miyagi&Andy Panda are the world’s Russian-speaking Hip-Hop leader in common showbusiness. Their mind and their soul are loved and admired by millions. Their debut album „Hajime (2016)“ has become a global phenomenon amassing over 340 million streams, is platinum in Russia and other GUS-countries and instantly reached the top of the Russian iTunes chart. And it was only the first step on the way to success of the duo! Silently breaking record after record, Miyagi&Andy Panda remain faithful to music.

By the way, where did the name Miyagi&Andy Panda come from? Azamat Kudzayev took his nickname in honor of Mr. Miyagi, the master of Martial arts, who coached the main character in the movie “Karate Kid”, and his younger colleague Soslan Burnatsev was so inspired by the painting “Hell’s Endgame”, that he named himself – Endgame. And in 2019 he chose a more international nickname Andy Panda.

Hits of Miyagi&Andy Panda sound at fashionable parties, radio stations and stadiums, under one of their most heartfelt tracks “Ossetian Heart” goes starboxer Murat Gasseyev in the boxing ring, tickets to the duet concerts are sold out in few days… What is the secret to the success of the artists from Vladikavkaz? Perhaps it is a unique style that combines rap recitative, reggae melody, dance component and touching live lyrics, and in stunning timbres of their voices. Or – a respectable creative pace, because Azamat Kudzayev and Soslan Burnatsev release new compositions with enviable consistency! Or maybe the whole point is that Miyagi&Andy always perform live – they are ardent opponents of performances under the phonogram. Whatever, come to the concert of Miyagi & Andy Panda and decide for yourself what the secret of their popularity is, and why you belong to the army of their fans now too!

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You can also give us a call: 030 364 17 517.
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01.10.2021 – 30.10.2021


Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Warsaw, London


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